Fail Neko is fail…

搞什么啊! 作业都没能按时交上, 别人在说什么话都听不清楚, 想做的事一点都没有动, 现在又带回家来一大堆绒毛? 卡库尔是不是脑子进水了?
What the heck?! Assignments missed the due date, can’t understand what other people are talking about, didn’t do any things I always wanted to do and now I take home a pile of furs? Is Kakur nuts or something?

A pile of grey and white faux fur on a bed...

看来卡库尔的计划是在万圣节之前把自己变成最可爱的猫受人猫兽人。不过,从7年级以后就从来没有碰过针线的卡库尔到底能不能在没有兽设的情况下在两个星期内完成一套完整的兽装呢? 更不用说还没有完成的事和下周的期中考试 (状态机? 那是什么? 好吃吗?)……
So it appears Kakur’s plan is to turn myself into the cutest nekouke kitten before Hallowe’en. But, can Kakur who never touched a thread or a needle since grade 7 complete a complete fursuit in two weeks without an existing fursona? Not to mention things not done and the mid-terms next week (State machine? What’s that? Does it taste good?)…

… just have to cutely do my best, then.

今天也是很可愛地全力以赴!大井 昌和 (著), 一年生になっちゃったら

性转换确实很有趣。不过卡库尔喜欢的究竟是变性, 变身还是只是单纯萝莉控?
Transgender is quite an interesting topic, but what’s in it I like, TG, transformation or just lolicon?

In all, it’s a very fanservice-y comic…

Do my best then! (been ignored for a month at least…)

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