Today is Canada Day. Ironically I never celebrated Canada Day in Canada since I immigrated three years ago: the first summer I didn’t know about it, and the next summer I was in China instead, as well as this summer. I know this day better as the anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China, but of course, a lot of other great things happened on a July 1st.

Maybe I’ll be able to have my next Canada Day in Canada.

In the meantime, PS238 is an awesome webcomic about superpowered children and the school they go to/live in.

今天是加拿大日 (加拿大的国庆日)。讽刺的是,我从来没有在加拿大度过加拿大日;三年前的第一个夏天,我还不知道加拿大的国庆日,而之后一年以及今年夏天都在中国度过。对我来说,这一天是中国共产党建党纪念日;不过当然,七月一日曾经发生过很多大事。


另外,PS238 是一部绝佳的关于超级英雄小学的网络漫画。