Perfect Day

Recently I’m having a bit of… issues with my browsing habits. In one week, I had two day-long sessions of endless gaming and random web browsing, while assignments (and garbage) pile up. And I had hardly a day that I slept well.

So when I came out from the first period, still sleepy, I thought to myself, even if I can’t do my best all the time, I’ll at least do it for today. Even if I think I can’t, it helps to try, right? Just a little experiment. And I had a busy morning, took a nap, wrote some mail, etc.

While I was preparing to leave, I thought since the next class is of a course I’m retaking, and I don’t need to listen, why not take the laptop there?

Well, turns out if I have a computer, in addition to showing the course notes, I can also keep myself distracted with lots of new happenings and tangentially related definitions to the lecture. Lack of power outlet doesn’t hinder me at all. I can’t even write this blog post with the urge to check something else.

In the end, my perfect day experiment was not a success.
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