Anthrocon 2011 图集+纪事 (Day -1)

首先,自我介绍一下。 First some self introductions.

  • 卡库拉迪 Kakurady
  • 加拿大籍华人,生于上海 Canadian citizen, born in Shanghai
  • 中文WikiFur创始人之一 One of the founders of the Chinese WikiFur
    • 懒猫一只 One lazy kitty
    • 实际最近编辑最勤劳的竟然是狼之乐园网管狼王白牙?! The one who is actually most dilligent in editing recently is actually Alphawolf Kiba Whitefang, administrator of Wolves’ Paradise?
  • 心血来潮想参加 Anthrocon, 经过父母允许就出行了 Randomly decided to attend Anthrocon, came after getting parents’ permission
  • 第二次参加兽展 (第一次是在二周前,蒙特利尔的 What the Fur) Second time to a furry convention (first time was two weeks ago, What the Fur at Montreal)

从加拿大首都渥太华,到匹茨堡,中途转车四次 (没办法,飞机贵),周二早晨七点出发,周三凌晨四点抵达。折腾了半天,才联系到拼房间的兽友,在Omni William Penn 酒店安顿下来,之后被拉到 Anthrocon 的主酒店, Westin. 大堂竟然已经陆续有不少人抵达了。
From the capital of Canada, Ottawa, to Pittsburgh, three transfers in between (planes are expensive), departing on seven on Tuesday, arriving on four a.m. on Wednesday. After quite a few trips, finally found the furry who I was sharing room with, settled at Omni William Penn hotel, then was dragged to Anthrocon’s main hotel, Westin. Surprisingly there are already many people who have arrived at the lobby.

如果您认识兽装人物或其穿着者请告诉我以便添加连接 If you know any fursuit characters or their performers please tell me for linking

不过来匹茨堡访问的并不只有兽友。虽然这些访客对毛绒绒的动物角色大多都很喜欢,在门厅堵着一大堆人肯定会造成交通堵塞……于是Anthrocon “动物园”提前开放。“动物园” 在酒店的三楼,专门为兽友之间聊天所设,也是将兽流从门厅这样的高流量区域引开的措施。卡库尔前往的时候,正好工作人员在开门……所以就上去开了最后一扇门。也就成了第一个到动物园的动物(? But there are more furries who visit Pittsburgh. Though those guests all like furry animal characters, having a lot of people at the lobby will certainly cause traffit congestion… so the ANthrocon “Zoo” opens early. The “Zoo” is at the third floor of the hotel, specifically for chatting between furries, and also a measure to lead furries away from the high-traffic areas like the lobby. When Kakurady was heading there, a hotel worker happen to be opening the door… so I went up to open the last door. And became the first animal to come to the Zoo (?



我的头被别人抢走了! My head was swiped by somebody else!
角色不明,由 Dragith 穿着 Character unknown, worn by Dragith


放我下来! Put me down!
角色不明,由 Dragith 穿着 Character unknown, worn by Dragith

再坚持几秒…… Just a few more seconds…

Sherbert 很懂得如何抢镜头。 Sherbert really knows how to get all the attention.
Sherbert (JBadger)

Time is limited so have to stop here. Must attend opening ceremony after this… that is all