Need help: Fursuiter + Bedbug problems (again)

So I came back home to find a slip of paper under my door, informing my house will be steamed because of a bedbug problem. I had an experience with a bedbug infestation two years ago, and it was an ordeal. The landlord called someone to apply insecticides, but bedbugs are highly resilient creatures, and seems like they have been found somewhere else in the building. So this time, they are applying hot steam to the house, which is the sure fire way to eliminate bedbugs, because they cannot survive the heat. For this reason, all the clothes have to be dried on high heat as well.

Which poses a problem for fursuits, as the fake fur and foam can be badly damaged by the high heat. So, what should I do to clean the fursuit, and is it necessary? What I plan to do now is put the fursuit in a bag and shelf it before I find a way, but that’s only a stopgap measure before I find a treatment.

I’m also worried about my other stuff, like electronics, two shelves of books, plushies, and a self-inflating mattress. Any advice will be grately appreciated.

The house is set to be steamed on Wednesday and we just got the notice today. Which means I have tomorrow to dry every clothing I have, including the ones that aren’t to be dried. It’s also the week for midterms; I have two, and a chemistry lab to prepare for. To top it off, I lost a fursuit handpaw on the bus and has to check the lost and found. So good.