What The Fur review

上次 FE 展后回顾所列的愿望:
Wishlist from Further Equinox’s review:

Some things to improve next con: take more photos, post more on Twitter, practice fursuit movements before con, mingle with non-fursuiters more, drink more water, and DON’T STAY IN FURSUIT for all of the dance competition.
下次去兽展,希望能: 拍更多的照片、发更多的推、走之前练习兽装动作、和非兽装穿着者互动更多、喝更多的水、还有不要整个舞蹈比赛都穿着兽装。

  • 拍照片——大约200张,其中64张能看的。 FE: 150张
    Photos — about 200, 64 of which looks okay. FE: 150
  • 发推——两次
    Tweeting – twice
  • 练习……根本没有时间啊
    Practising… no time!
  • 更多互动——缺乏,一穿了兽装就坐不下来,更不要说什么谈话或画图之类的事情了。
    More interaction — lacking. Once I put on fursuit, it’s impossible to sit down and stay put, let alone anything like chat or doodling!
  • 喝水——穿兽装每半小时休息,喝一杯水。所以,这次没有头疼,没有感冒,也没有展会综合征/水土不服之类的事情。
    Drink — break between every half an hour, and drink a glass of water. So no headaches, no flu, and no con crud this year!

I’m still disappointed that at fur cons, people stay up late and sleep in, so there aren’t much stuff happening in the mornings.

This year What The Fur has moved to Delta Centre-ville. The bad is it’s a large, expensive hotel, so there are many other guests staying. Also, the convention floor is underground and completely lacking in natural light, so photography is hard. The good is that the convention floor is spacious, and has a hub-and-spoke arrangement, so it’s easy to find and mingle with people. Also, there are many other guests staying, including families, tourists, and engineering students here for the annual concrete canoe competition (seriously)!
今年What The Fur 移动到了Delta Centre-ville. 不好的地方是这是个大型酒店,价格不菲,其他宾客也很多。另外,整个会议中心在地下二层,完全没有自然光,所以照相难。好处是会议中心面积很大,并且呈放射性排列,所以很容易和大家打成一片。另外,其他宾客也很多,包括家庭、游客、以及来这里参加每年的混凝土划艇比赛的工程系学生们 (真的) !

(How spacious is the convention floor? Every year in January, the very same hotel plays host to CUSEC, the Canadian University Software Engineering Conference. This year, 12 universities in Canada have have sent delegations, each having about a bus full of attendees. And 18 organizations set up tables at the career fair after lunches.
会议中心有多大?每年一月,CUSEC ——加拿大大学软件工程会议——在该酒店举办。今年 12 个大学派了代表团来,每个至少坐满了一车。午饭后的招聘会,有18个组织设展位。

I went to CUSEC this year. It’s actually kind of weird to come to the same convention space for a completely different convention.
我今年也参加了CUSEC. 在同一个会场参加完全不同的展会感觉好奇怪。)