Going to Midwest Furfest this weekend. 准备去Midwest Furfest

I’m going to Midwest Furfest next week, coming in on Friday night and leaving on Monday afternoon.
下周末准备去Midwest Furfest, 周五晚上到达,周日下午离开。

I’ll be bringing my shiba fursuit, and one other “mystery” suit. I’m okay with hugs and touching, but please, no tickling! :)
我会带上我的柴犬兽装,还有另外一个“神秘”兽装。想摸摸或抱抱我都没有问题,但我怕痒 :)

Out of suit, I’m Asian, male, black straight hair with a ponytail, what should be a rare sight in Chicago. Or you could just check the badge that says “Kakurady” (no badge name shenanigans). Best way to find me is sending me message on Twitter or Google+: https://twitter.com/kakurady
不穿兽装的时候我应该是芝加哥罕见的长发亚洲男性。当然看胸卡更简单,我的胸卡上写着“Kakurady” 。联系我最好的方法是在Twitter上给我发消息。

You can find the panels I’ll likely be attending at https://mff2015.sched.org/kakurady . This time, instead of spending all time at panels, I’m going to try spending more time just roaming in the hallways fursuiting and/or getting to know people.
日程安排请见这里: https://mff2015.sched.org/kakurady。这次我想试一下不要把所有时间都用在面板讲座上,留一些时间出来兽装趴趴走/和大家面对面交流!

I hope to take lots of photos! And uh… if anyone’s interested, I’d like to borrow/lend/swap fursuits? Let me know if you’d like me to try your suit, or if you’d like to try mine.