A spiral-bound book atop a brown hat, which have two chocolate colored bunny ears extending from it. The cover of the book displays Critter Costuming: Making Mascots and Fabricating Fursuits.

Things sure are not as going smoothly as I hope. The school year is started again, and I came back with three failed courses. As usual I still couldn’t fit courses I want to my schedule. Or, for that matter figure out what courses I want. I’m now worried that with a screwed schedule like this I might not even be able to finish my four year program in five years.  I also need to get high grades to offset effects of the last two years on my GPA. Sigh.

From the (three) Saturday garage sale I bought a grill and an microwave oven. … oh curses. Already run out of shelf space. Where should I put my new textbooks and fursuit now? This room needs a redesign badly! Adding insult to injury is the grill setting off the smoke alarm on the first use. And I didn’t realize I bought a book on Amazon for $50 (oh my wallet)…

Which, on a happier note, is the only book on fursuits – Critter Costuming. It proves to be interesting, although not enlightening like A Theory of Fun. It was written five years ago, so things like head construction is somewhat out of date, and there’s a lot of stuff in it that is available in online fursuiting communities, but it has a nice overview of materials and also contains useful tips on performance. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t mention obscure-in-US stuff like the popular 502 resin glue.)

I also got this bunny hat in a furmeet. Cuuute ~



PS. Yes, I came back to Ottawa. August.