A spiral-bound book atop a brown hat, which have two chocolate colored bunny ears extending from it. The cover of the book displays Critter Costuming: Making Mascots and Fabricating Fursuits.

Things sure are not as going smoothly as I hope. The school year is started again, and I came back with three failed courses. As usual I still couldn’t fit courses I want to my schedule. Or, for that matter figure out what courses I want. I’m now worried that with a screwed schedule like this I might not even be able to finish my four year program in five years.  I also need to get high grades to offset effects of the last two years on my GPA. Sigh.

From the (three) Saturday garage sale I bought a grill and an microwave oven. … oh curses. Already run out of shelf space. Where should I put my new textbooks and fursuit now? This room needs a redesign badly! Adding insult to injury is the grill setting off the smoke alarm on the first use. And I didn’t realize I bought a book on Amazon for $50 (oh my wallet)…

Which, on a happier note, is the only book on fursuits – Critter Costuming. It proves to be interesting, although not enlightening like A Theory of Fun. It was written five years ago, so things like head construction is somewhat out of date, and there’s a lot of stuff in it that is available in online fursuiting communities, but it has a nice overview of materials and also contains useful tips on performance. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t mention obscure-in-US stuff like the popular 502 resin glue.)

I also got this bunny hat in a furmeet. Cuuute ~



PS. Yes, I came back to Ottawa. August.

V-狂热和幻想生活 Of Vee-feever and Fantasy Life

两个月没有写日志,真的是不知道写什么好。卡库尔也是经常很迷糊的——你怎么能指望卡库尔记得住两个月的每件事呢? 那样脑袋要爆炸的。再说, 卡库尔的每一天都差不多: 起床、上网、吃午饭、漫无经心地走到教室、教授开始讲课10分钟后开始在纸上乱涂或睡觉, 吃晚饭, 继续上网到深夜, 再睡觉……没什么好写的。

Two months without blogging, not really sure what I should write about. Kakur doesn’t really have a clear mind at times – how can you expect me to remember everything that happened in the last two months? Not that it matters, as all I do each day is wake up, surf the web, eat lunch, sleep at class, reed more web pages, and go to bed. There’s just nothing you could write about.

So instead I’ll just say that the true reason I didn’t blog was that Mabinogi got an official North American release. (My favorite game so far!)

所以我还是承认说我真正没写日志的原因是因为网络游戏《洛奇》正式在北美地区运营了好了。(是我至今最喜欢的游戏! )

迪尔科内尔的景色 / sceneary of Tir Chonaill

洛奇是什么样的游戏, 我应该也不用说了, 如果有兴趣的话可以到洛奇远古争霸或者Mabinogi fantasy LIFE的官方网站看一下。

I shouldn’t need to mention what kind of game Mabinogi is here, but if you are interested, you could take a look at the official websites of LuoqiThe Ancient Wars or Mabinogi fantasy LIFE.不过无尽的练级也是很无聊的呀……

But an endless grinding is very boring too…

So um… I made a Moongate (a portal in Mabinogi which changes destination with time) Timetable. Of course, the functions ain’t as many as the unofficial patches… but what may be more important is that it doesn’t look nice at all. Kakur certainly doesn’t seem to be an adequate material for becoming an artist does me?

于是呢,呃……我做了个星月门 (洛奇中的传送门,按照时间变换位置) 时间表。当然,功能肯定没有外挂强大……但是更重要的是完全不好看。卡库尔似乎完全不是艺术家的料子呢?

North America
Chinese (Simplified)


Still that’s not bad, is it?

And um… so apparantly, I came across this avatar in Second Life, and it was just so cute!



(“V仔兽化身,500L$ (折合人民币12.8元), 可复制, 可编辑, 不可转让”)
(“Veemon avatar, 500L$ (about 1.82 USD), can copy, can modify, no transfer”)


And so…


I present to you Kakurumon XD



……yeah, the light on the right was made by Kakur myself. Friday is such a bore(?). Though usually, I Kakur can’t make neat things like this…