MabiWiki复兴会正式解散 MabiWiki Renaissance Team has officially disbanded

MabiWiki复兴会今天 (6月28日) 正式解散了。

麻痹怒气维基 是“歪歪大杂烩”论坛下设的关于网络游戏洛奇的 Wiki. 但不知什么原因许多页面被锁定,导致资料一度严重缺乏。于是圣之暗夜大胆的成立了~管YY要麻痹Wiki密码~同盟会同时也把拉迪拉了进来 (2007年4月26日,虽然拉迪在这之前就在麻痹怒气维基进行活动),这也是后来的 MabiWiki 复兴会的前身。

MabiWiki复兴会后来放弃了取得管理员密码的计划 (PukiWiki 没有账户的概念,管理操作是使用密码的),而改用复制页面进行更新的做法。在这一期间也有许多人加入MabiWiki复兴会,为 麻痹怒气维基 贡献了许多条目。

究竟为什么撤出,拉迪并不清楚。事件的导火索似乎是由于新技能“投掷”的描述页面。由于无聊以及找不到相关资料,投掷技能页面被卡库尔在内的若干人等恶搞成关于Wiki编辑的技能的玩笑页面。两个月后,前来找 (没有的) 投掷技能资料的某位玩家在失望的情况下留下了相当白目的留言。

但这似乎并不是 MabiWiki复兴会撤出的根本原因。根据在论坛上的部分讨论串,这件事掀起了复兴会内部以及公开的讨论。最后认为 MabiWiki复兴会已经被版友看作为 MabiWiki的管理团队,并且有部分人对复兴会有不信任感。

虽然歪歪大杂烩管理团队请求不要撤出并给予了密码,但仍然没有能够阻挡 MabiWiki复兴会撤出的决心。不过拿到了密码并解冻了页面,也算是~管YY要麻痹Wiki密码~同盟会最初的目的达到了吧。





MabiWiki Renaissance Team have officially disbanded today (June 28th).

MabiWiki is a wiki about Mabinogi, the online game, established under the YY Hodgepodge forum. But for some unknown reason, many pages are frozen, leading to a serious lack of data. Thus D.K.Wings has boldly established ~Ask YY for MabiWiki Password~Alliance (May 2008, though Rady have been active on MabiWiki before that). This is also the predecessor of MabiWiki Renaissance Team.

In time, MabiWiki Renaissance Team abandoned the plan to get the master password (PukiWiki has no concept of accounts, admistrative actions are accessible only through password), and turned to make copies of pages for updates. During this time many people have joined MabiWiki Renaissance Team, and contributed many articles for MabiWiki.

Rady don’t know much about why the Renaissance Team evacuated, but it seems to be ignited by a trolling comment. The description page of a new skill – “Throw” – was written as a joke page about editing the Wiki by Kakur and others, as we were unable to find information and were bored. After this was written for two months, a fellow player looking for (non-existant) data about the Throw skill left a very provoking comment in disappointment.

But this does not seem to be the true reason MabiWiki Renaissance Team left. Based on discussion threads on the forum, the previous event has stirred up discussions both internal and in public, and it is agreed that MabiWiki Renaissance Team has been regarded as “The MabiWiki Management” (or The MabiWiki Cabal if you prefer), and there’s  an air of distrust among some people (weasel words).

Although the YY Hodgepodge Management Team has pleaded us not to leave and handed us the master password, this didn’t upturn the decision of leaving. Though, acquired the master password and unfroze the pages did, in a way, mean the earliest objective of ~Ask YY for MabiWiki Password~Alliance have been achieved…

In the night of June 28th, D.K.Wings have cleared the page of MabiWiki Renaissance Team on MabiWiki, and then left the discussion group of the Renaissance Team. In succession Rady has also left the discussion group. The movement, one year and two months long, has finally come to a rest.

However the exit of the two founders and the disbandment of Renaissance Team, doesn’t mean the end of MabiWiki. Almost all pages have been unlocked, MabiWiki has again become the Mabinogi Encyclopedia that any player can edit, just like when it was established by YY Hodgepodge. The Renaissance Team ex-members will also edit as themselves. In addition, Rady hopes that there will be someone who would follow the spirit of Being Bold in Updating Pages, building upon the base of many, many anonymous players and the Renaissance Team, a better MabiWiki.

The End is yet another new Start.

We shall meet again, if such is our destiny.