因为Second Life 上有人做了条まもるくん的裤子,却把原角色标成了Waffle Ryebread, 我发现自己正在Google上查找这两个角色的相关图片。Waffle 是 CyberConnect2 制作的 RPG Tail Concerto 的主角,而まもるくん则是 CC2 为福冈县制作的自我保护·防灾减灾吉祥物。很奇妙的是两者是共享世界设定的。所以会搞混吧。……不过这完全不重要。
Because someone on Second Life made a pair of pants of Mamoru-kun, but marked them as belonging to Waffle Ryebread, I found myself searching for pictures relating to these characters. Waffle is the protagonist of Tail Concerto, an RPG made by CyberConnect2, and Mamoru-kun is a mascot for self protection and disaster protection and prevention made by CC2 for the Fukuoka prefecture. Interestingly, they share the same canon. So it’s easy to mess up. …but that’s not important at all.

前几天,“谷歌中国”被中央电视台“新闻联播”以及“焦点访谈”等数个节目“曝光”存在传播淫秽色情内容的现象。这不是普通的新闻节目——说它是全中国被看最多的节目也不为过。所以当 Google 这一以“不要做恶”为座右铭的跨国公司被中视和政府点名以“邪恶地毒害祖国的青少年” (设计台词) 批评,着实让卡库尔很惊讶。
A few days earlier, Guge Zhongguo was “exposed” by several programs of China Central Television, like Xinwen Lianbo and Focus. These are not your average news programs — it’s not an understatement that they are the most watched programs in all of China. So when Google, a international company with a motto of “don’t be evil” was criticized by CCTV and the government as “evilly poisoning the juveniles and youths of the motherland” by name, I was very surprised.

当然,并不是所有人对邪恶的定义都是一样的。例如,自由软件基金会的创始人理查德·斯托曼就认为因为对淫秽内容的网络审查是“纯粹,无杂质的邪恶,没有什么比它更淫秽了”。我不想对此发表意见;除了说互联网上内容众多,无论什么样的过滤,不可能完美地只过滤想过滤的内容,总是会有假阳性和假阴性的。例子:卡库尔在 SafeSearch 强制开启 (是不是点名的结果呢?) 情况下搜索关于まもるくん的图片,竟然找到了很黄很暴力的上车
Of course, not everyone has the same definition for evil. For example, the founder of Free Software Foundation, Richard Stallman, considers censorship of obscene materials to be “pure, unadulterated evil, and there is nothing more obscene.” I do not want to express any opinion on this; except that there are so many contents on the Internet, no matter what kind of censorship, it’s impossible to perfectly filter only (un)desireable contents, there will always be false positives and false negatives. Example: I was trying to search pictures on Mamoru-kun with SafeSearch forced on (was it because of the criticism by name?) and found well… underage porn.

Ahh… there’s no use trying to search for that. Maybe as you read this, the picture has been spirited away. Besides, can you make across the giant maze of a million Mamoru-kun?

まもるくん (守君) 似乎是还算普通的名字。特别是在防护吉祥物之中 (这些吉祥物中包括,有没有搞错,一只橘子)……但是也有人名为まもるくん的。还有监测有没有东西掉在地上的机器人。还有防止香蕉腐烂的容器。还有一只猫。
Mamoru-kun (guardian) seems to be a rather generic name. Especially in disaster prevention mascots (including, I’m not making this up, an orange)… but there are also people named Mamoru-kun. And robots that monitor whether there are anything falling on the ground. And a container to prevent bananas from rotting. And a cat.

在英文 WikiFur 的 Tail Concerto 页面上也有人提到了 まもるくん,不过写得让人以为他是某个游戏的角色。如果是就好了。如果 Tail Concerto 能出续集的话,卡库尔会很向往吧。不过教育类游戏高达八成都很无聊,还没有单纯的说教来的要有趣。讲故事的话,也许会更能接受吧。不知道福冈县和CC2有没有制作过まもるくん的动画?
Mamoru-kun is also mentioned on the Tail Concerto article on the English WikiFur, but it sounds as if he is a character from some game. If only that’s true. If Tail Concerto gets a sequel, I would be excited. But edutainment games are often boring, even more than simple lectures. A story would be more receivable. I wonder if Fukuoka Prefecture and CC2 made any animations of Mamoru-kun?

Looking at the talk page, there’s something Kakurady asked about that section… one year ago. Without any replies in the year. Maybe a talk page is not the best way for collabration. PukiWiki, like many wiki softwares of “the old world”, tend to have discussions happening on the page itself. This ThreadMode is convenient, but messes up the page pretty much, and does not solve the
problem of participants needing to format manually. But there’s a plugin for PukiWiki that automatically shows only the most recent discussions and formats them automatically, which lowers the threshold of discussion significantly. Adding the fact that PukiWiki does not have an effective protection against abuse, and MabiWiki main page is now full of advertisements of Erectile Dysfunction treatments.

奇妙的是 .hack//Wiki 的 Tail Concerto 条目要比 WikiFur 来的齐全。
Amusingly, the article of Tail Concerto on .hack//Wiki is more complete than the one on WikiFur.

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