Second Indulgence

Aren’t I supposed to be looking for a room? How did I manage to spend almost one whole day on Second Life®?

The whole morning was spent translating the client…

Then in the afternoon I suddenly have the great idea of attending Torley’s office hours. Standing in the 20-metre-high office, thinking arriving one hour early would let me cache the data beforehand… but coming back from the washroom I found myself on ground zero and a rather big sign where the office once stands.

[pink handwritten text sign, which reads "I've moved! come _HERE_"]. A tooltip seem to have some additional informatino.

Yeah, his new office location is named “Here”. Which directly led to the joke that someone should create a region named “There” and then “Lively”…

Here (no, not here, Here) has a lot of surreal watermelon colored landscape, and equally, if not more surreal facilities. The actual meeting place is still the same from Grasmere, though.
Here (呃,不是这里,是Here)有很多西瓜颜色超现实的地面,以及同样超现实,如果不是更超现实的设施。不过聚会地点仍然是从Grasmere搬过来的。

Then we saw Squirrel Wood’s awsome land creator. I’m still not sure how you’re supposed to use it though… or how this is an improvement over the built-in one.

然后我们去欣赏了Squirrel Wood的不可思议的地形编辑器。我还是不确定这东西到底是怎么用的……或者这和系统内置的比起来有什么好处。

But it took over two years to create, so it must be awsome, right?

Then I ended the day by building something that seems to come out from mad scientist fictions…

… So that concludes Geneko Nemeth’s Second Life for today.
于是今天Geneko Nemeth 的第二人生就这样结束了。

What, you’re asking what Kakurady is doing? Nothing. He definitely doesn’t want a family reunion in his subconsciousness.

Okay – I updated WordPress to 2.6.0, but I don’t think you’ll be able to see much difference in the front. That’s probably the point, don’t you think?
好吧——我今天把WordPress升级到了 2.6.0,不过我不认为你在前台能看到任何差别。不过这大概是理所当然的,你说呢?

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