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On Friday night another furry invited the whole Ottawa furry community for a party. There were surprisingly many people! At least 30 critters attended. Everyone chatted, danced, ate, gamed and spent a bit of time in the pool, all enjoying the event. There’s also a husky furry who got himself drunk, nyahaha~ As for Kakur me? Chasing around fursuiters and DJ all night~ must be annoying, no? But I did a perfect song transition too, seems I’ve learned something.

So many stars in the suburban night sky, but couldn’t figure out with one is which even after turning myself around several times holding a computer running Stellarium.

嗯~这次来的兽装穿着者是 Da-Fox。嗯……在 Howie 和 Deoge 搬走之后 Da-Fox 似乎是渥太华兽群中剩下的不多的兽装表演者之一了。穿着兽装在节奏中摆弄荧光棒的 Da-Fox 很帅哦。Zets 也来了这次聚会,不过没有穿兽装,好可惜~ 另外带兽装来的还有 774狐(误),被生活中缺少兽装的 Da-Fox (在早晨六点) 抱来抱去。 Da-Fox 早晨还做了香肠呢,但是卡库没吃到,残念…… 早晨卡库拉迪放了一些FursuitTV,大家似乎都很爱看。

丈量房间 (绝不是简单的任务) 的结果是我的房间是奇怪的五边形。这样橱柜放哪里啊?兽装的存放,大家似乎都有自己的方法。Da-Fox 用的是塑料容器,很适宜飞机行李的那种大箱子。774狐(误)用的是大麻袋垃圾袋。Zets就简单地找了把椅子把兽装架在上面。

Hmm~ Da-Fox is the fursuiter who came this time. Hmm… after Howie and Deoge moved away, Da-Fox seems to be one of the few fursuiters left in the Ottawa region. Pretty handsome was Da-Fox in his suit playing the glowsticks in the beats. Zets came to this meet too, but didn’t wear his fursuit, so disappointing~ Also came with a fursuit is 774fox (no, it’s actually Nanashifox), who was hugged over and over by Da fursuit deficient Fox. Da-Fox also made sausages in the morning, but Kaku didn’t get to eat it, zannen… In the morning Kakurady played some FursuitTV, everybody seem to like watching it.

Measuring the room (not an easy task) yields the result that my room is a strange pentagon. Where do I put the shelves like that? When it comes to fursuit storage, everyone seem to have their own ways. Da-Fox uses a plastic container, one of these big boxes very suitable for airplane luggage. 774fox used large linen garbage bags. Zets simply got a chair and propped the fursuit on it. (Which gave his mom, who was expecting a much larger head, quite a surprise.)

今天去布艺店买别针,因为想做兽装的尾巴,可是别针找不到了。看到我带来的兽装制作指南,店员竟然问 “你是不是furry”?原来有兽竟然委托她制作兽装!不过可惜的是店里还没有进毛毛布呢。分享了一些兽装制作网站。

Went to buy safety pins at the fabrics store today, because I want to make the tail of the fursuit, but can’t find the pins. Seeing my fursuit construction guide, the store staff surprised me with the question, “are you one of those furries”? Turns out a furry has commissioned her to make a fursuit! Unfortunately the store haven’t stocked fur rolls yet. Shared some fursuit construction websites.

And yet in the end, work on the tail still haven’t started.

Fursuit construction progress / 兽装制作进度:0% (0/9)

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