Today I feel kind of cold and shivering, even though I’ve been wearing 2 layers all day…

So for the past three months, I’ve been pondering (read: completely scared) about dying. It’s not something we can postpone with the technology we currently have, and it will not be something we can ever entirely avoid.

It’s all neat and poetic to talk about living forever, but forever is a long time. Writing was only invented 6000 years ago. Dinosaurs roam the earth 30 million years ago. The age of the observable universe is only about 15 trillion years.

Moreover, in an eternity, eventually all the possible tweets will have been written, all the possible TV episodes will have been produced. This isn’t necessarily to say all the books will be written, since there isn’t a size limitation, but every single tweet… is a gigantic number. And it would be quite boring, if nothing is new anymore.

It makes me almost want eternal oblivion.

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