New glasses!

Got new glasses yesterday. They are -1.75, Nearly the same prescription as my last pair of glasses, which are -1.50 and -1.75, but without astigmatism correction this time.


The new frame (okay, it’s one of these “frameless” styles) is harder than the old one, which should stop the glass from deforming and sliding off my nose. The lens are Canon-branded asphrical lens, and are kind of pricey. Hopefully they would last a while, as long as I remember donning and doffing with both hands.


Then after picking up the glasses we went to Nici. They are a German brand of plushies, where I got my fox pencil case. They also have their own take on My Little Pony G4 plushies. And very adorable snow leopard slippers and messenger bags, although the bags aren’t very practical. Then to IKEA to see chairs. Ended up buying a bunch of unrelated stuff of course, including a pepper grinder.

拿完眼镜我们去了 Nici 绒毛玩具店,那里还有他们自己设计的 MLP 4代的玩具,以及很可爱的雪豹拖鞋和单肩包,虽然单肩包并不实用。接下来去宜家看床垫和椅子,当然最后买了一堆不相关的东西,包括胡椒磨。

I wanted to write something more substantial, but unfortunately going through IKEA took the whole afternoon, so that’s all from me this week :< 本来想写点更长的东西,但是可惜去宜家用了整天,所以这星期就这些。

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