Time Out!


似乎是隔一天才会有精神做正事? 也许要告诉自己,这么大的事不需要一气呵成,按部(步?)就班就可以。

昨天在 Twitter 注册了一个帐号……不知道中国国内访问得了不,但是像饭否这样模仿的网站在国内还是比较流行。并不是说哪家比哪家要好……其实卡库尔我也不知道还有谁在做中文微日志 (microblogging) 平台,有谁可以介绍一下吗?


上周三是Windows的“补丁星期三”。感想?Compiz 大好。XD

Er, less than two weeks… but Kakur hasn’t enrolled yet, nor touched the aspect of housing.

Seems I only have energy to do work every other day? Maybe I should tell myself there’s no need to do it all in one shot, just keep the pace and step by step.

Registered an account at Twitter yesterday…. don’t know if it can be visited in China, but imitato?rs like Fanfou is still more popular there. Not saying which one is better (Fanfou can let you embed your tweets as images), but actually, I don’t know if there’s anyone else doing microblogging in Chinese, anyone who can refer me to one?

… if only Jaiku gets absorbed properly.

8 updates in 2 days. A bit too much, perhaps?

Last Wednesday was Windows’ “Patch Wednesday”. My thoughts? Compiz wa daisuki. XD

背水不战?All-or-noth… well… yeah…

So all that lagging behind to now, there’s no way out, it’s all or nothing now…

那怎么起来还是在乱搞Apache, 以及测试在 Ubuntu 下向 Windows Live Spaces 发送日志的事情。真够无聊的。
So why all the messing with Apache and testing to submit to Windows Live Spaces under Ubuntu. Such a bore.

为什么用Ubuntu? 因为昨天是补丁星期三~微软一下子推过来11个更新,自然要重新起动,然后么~所以虽然连续运行了500小时还是要重新起动。GNU/Linux的优势就在这里体现出来了~正在使用的文件都可以更新很强大。
Why Ubuntu? Yesterday was a patch Wednesday~ Microsoft pushed down 11 updates, which all need a reboot, so… even with a 500 hour uptime there’s still a necessity for a reboot. Here is where GNU/Linux shines ~ even files in use can be updated, very good very strong.

Lastly, something done on Monday.

Sketch: Keith & Pom / 草图:凯斯和波姆


上面的那只是 TwoKinds 的Keith, 下面的那位是黄泉之绘本的 Pom, 是只猫叉……就这样。


Pooped today with no achievements. So I’ll put up the sketch I did yesterday instead. With a demi-human who do not look like human and a fur who do not look like an animal…

The one on the top is Keith from TwoKinds, and the bottom one is Pom from Demonpop, a nekomata… that’s it.

The middle one, due to violations of a Terms of Service and massive destruction of appearance, was redacted.


I seem to have listed out things worth doing solely to avoid doing them. Page after page I read so I can get my mind away from the inevitable. But there is no escape; if I don’t do it, things are going to be nasty.

All I think about is others, but I spend little time on myself. It’s these times which makes me feel lonely.

It’s already August, and yet I haven’t done anything productive this summer. Family reunion is meaningless now. Meh. Four months and no classes, I’m getting lonely. That’s not a part of my plan…

Someone on IRC joked that I’ve suddenly been emo. Well, maybe he’s true… all talk no action makes me quite sad. But Emo kitty Do Not Want. Cut down the cruft, efficiency Power Up. Not am I gonna do it, I’m gonna do it cool. It’s not easy, but I’ll try my best.

…yeah. That’s it.