第一次兽聚! Huzzyah!

Last Sunday a fur came to #wikifur asking if there’s a furry meetup in Ottawa,  Kakur me happen to have heard of a Ottawa fur fan forum, so I told him about it. Later seeing that there’s such a meet on Friday, thinking maybe I would be able to meet that person, so I decided to – check it out!

In the end it’s disappointing that I wasn’t able to find him, but I still enjoyed myself – because there were 6 fursuiters. Six! (Since there were furs coming from other places in Ontario.) And a bunch of other people, too, coming for this furmeet.

约定集合的地点,是市中心的战争纪念碑,离住的地方只有20分钟的路程。陆陆续续地有兽开始聚集,聊天拍照。也有几位和卡库尔一样是新来的,所以经常会听到有人问名字。然后两个穿兽装的家伙出现了 (都是狗),然后就开始乱抱人。唔……真的好毛!虽然渥太华还没有完全入春,但是他们说就是这样的天气兽装里面还是很热呢。(好羡慕……卡库尔快冻死了……)
The meeting place is the War Memorial in downtown, only 20 minutes walk from where I live. Furries started coming one by one, chatting, taking photos. Some are new too, like Kakurady, so people asking each others’ names can be heard often. Then two people in fursuits appeared (both dogs) and started to randomly hug other people. Mmm…so warm and fluffy! Even though Ottawa has not completely entered spring, they told me that it is hot inside fursuits despite the cold weather. (Which makes me so envious… it’s freezing outside…)

然后众人开始向Byward Market进发!绕了一大圈,不时停下来合影拍照什么的。
Then everyone started marching towards Byward Market! Went for a loop, stopping to take pictures and stuff.

Many schools have arranged field trips for that day, there were three school buses in the market, and much students on the way back to parliament square. Many furs chatted along the way, but Kakurady basically just went around the fursuiters! They didn’t seem to mind, though, and instead were quite happy about it.

到了议会广场之后来了三位新的兽装者,原来三位跑去脱掉 (也是很热的呀),又打闹了一会儿。然后到Rideau Centre的美食广场吃了点东西,一天的活动基本上就结束了,有几位兽继续去吃自助寿司,剩下的则各奔东西。
After arriving at the parliament hill, three new fursuiters came and the original three went to un-suit (it is hot inside), and then everyone played a bit. We then ate at Rideau Centre food court, and that was the end of the day’s activity, with some furs going for sushi buffets and the rest going their ways.

值得一提的是超活力社工浣熊Zets。无论是穿着兽装还是没穿,都一直相当精力充沛。这一点有点像Torley Linden? 而且是扎马尾的浣熊,好可爱。(不知道棒球队还是什么队的吉祥物的鸡看到一只(竟然是!)浣熊跑来合影, 心里是什么想法呢?……)
Worthy of mention is Hyperactive Social Worker Raccoon Zets. No matter if he’s in suit or out of suit, he’s always very energetic. Reminds me bit of Torley Linden. And he’s a raccoon in a ponytail, how cute. (I wonder what the chicken mascot of was-that-a-baseball-team-or-some-other-kind-of-sports-team thought when he sees a freaking raccoon coming up to take a picture with him, though?)



据Nintendo Power称《库洛诺亚·通往幻梦界之门》Wii重制在五月份发行。五月份……计划说是回上海的。就是从eBay上进口也一定要入手!不过听说如果没有修工程统计的话明年选课会有些难呢?
As told by Nintendo Power, the Wii remake of Kuronoa: Door to Phantomile is to be released in May. May… I planned to go back to Shanghai. But even if I have to import it from eBay, I’ll do all I have to to get it! But it’s said if I don’t take Statistics for Engineers it would be difficult to choose courses for next year?

WikiFur中文版最近开张了!卡库尔是创始人之一。……其实没做什么事。目前总共也只有5条条目而已。不过我希望能够通过建立中文的兽人爱好者资料库,在华语圈内能够创造更多的毛毛迷 (顺便把人气从白牙那里全部拉走(误))。第一条条目是库洛诺亚
The Chinese WikiFur is open! Kakurady being one of the founders. …didn’t do much actually. There’s currently only 5 articles. But I hope by creating a Chinese furry fan database, create more furry fans in the Sinosphere (and pull all the popularity from Alphawolf Kiba (no, that’s not true)). The first article is Klonoa.

但是如果是兽人百科全书的话,第一条条目应该是兽人才对吧?问题是,“兽人”在中文兽人次文化中至少有四种不同的解释 (还不算最流行的绿皮肤的那一种)。
But if it’s a furry encyclopedia, you would expect the first article to be about furry, right? The problem is "beast man" has four meanings in the Chinese-speaking furry/therianthrope subculture (that’s not counting the most popular green skin one…).

看到Vista一个月没有更新才意识到半个月一直都在使用Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope 内测版。安装Alpha版本的动机很简单:因为专有软件的第二人生语音组件(由Vivox提供的)经常把PulseAudio声音服务器弄瘫!升级到9.04以后,Pulse果然不瘫了……但是Vivox语音却霸占一个内核,让XOrg, Pulse和第二人生只能分着另外一个内核……性能可想而知。
It’s upon seeing that Vista hasn’t been checking for updates for a month did I realize that half a month have I been using Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope alpha. The motivation to install an Alpha is simple: because the properitary Second Life voice component (provided by Vivox) often collapses PulseAudio audio server! After updating to 9.04, Pulse stopped failing… but Vivox voice keeps one core to itself, leaving XOrg, Pulse and Second Life to the other core… you can imagine how painful the performance is.

9.04另外一个很明显的改变就是新的争论重大的通知系统 (notify-osd)。Windows 通知区域有时候也会冒出来几个气泡,气泡本身可以点,还有一个叉子可以按。GNOME桌面一直也是这样的。但是Canonical 的用户体验工作小组却想出来一个完全只能看不能摸连个记录都没有的通知守护进程。……其实这倒和《洛奇》的通知挺像。不过一定要用默认的图标才有音量显示么?
Another visible change is the new and controversal notification system (notify-osd). The Windows Notification Area sometimes pops up some bubbles, too, the bubbles themselves are clickable, and there’s a cross to push. The GNOME desktop has been like this way too. But the Canonical user experience group made up something that you can only look but not touch and doesn’t even keep a record that kind of notification daemon. … it kinda feels like the notifications in Mabinogi. But does the default icon set have to be used to have volume changes displayed?

Another annoyance is XOrg. No pressure for stylus, eraser tracking needs to be configured in command line, unplug the Apple Mighty Mouse (a USB mouse) and the whole X server collapses!

The junk all over the room is cleaned all right, but the homework is piled up again! Although, I was playing Okami in the weekends. Writing two journal entries takes four hours?!


Come to think of it I shouldn’t have worked on this picture to go with this post for another hour (kaboom

無能繪師 38 問


1.偷工減料當Q版 正常比例的都不会画……

2被人看到自己的圖時會說[修行中…]做理由 这倒不会。是画的不行就是画的不行。

3.畫的不好時會說[用滑鼠畫的…/沒繪圖板…]這類理由 因为有画图版,所以不成立。虽然,绘图板一般也只是用来当鼠标用。

4.只會畫臉 身体还行……除了某些地方可能有点问题。

5.臉永遠望向同一方向 最多是斜侧面,不过偶尔确实有正面和侧面的。不过好像没看过背面?

6.只有頭會認真畫 因为身体太简单了(误

7.角色的分別只有髮型不同 除了自己没有画过别的角色 (再误

8.分不清左右的畫法 应该不会……

9.不會做草稿/只會做草稿 数个月从没完稿过……

10.用PS時不重視圖層或完全不用 一般只有三层。是不是有些少呢……

11.構圖全部差不多 构图是什么?好吃吗?

12.每次角色表情一樣 啊…除了一般和在笑的表情就不会画了

13.不會畫有動作的圖 确实不会。

14.不會畫下半截腳 经常很困绕呢。

15.不會畫俯視仰視圖 这应该不算太难吧。

16.同一角色在不同的構圖就會變成不同的角色 即使构图一样,也没有一次是角色一样的。

17.只會/不會畫人,或相反 只会画兽人……

18.除了萌繪就什麼都畫不出 真的不行呢。

19.不會畫老人 二连击……

20.畫不好手或手指 三连击……

21.理想高但沒有行 四连击 (上次绘画是在一月份)……

22.第一隻眼拚死地畫但第二隻眼就作畫崩壞) 没有那回事~

23.將圖左右反轉會很恐怖 检查过了。基本上没有这种事情。

24.每次都只做到線稿就完成 真的是这样呢……

25.不理解筋肉骨骼構造 还好吧。

26.認為[所謂的五官不過是貼在臉上的肉而已] 根本是在头部模型上在贴图(误

27.胸部的位置很”獵奇” 胸部是什么,好吃吗?

28.會畫有六隻手指的手或左右手相反 偶尔会画出来左右相反的……

29.很會評論別人的畫但自己永遠畫不好 如果能够因为待论坛待太久而变得能够看得出别人的进步和不足也就好了。

30.本來為收集資料而收的圖最後就成了自己的屬性 和梦梦狐一样,因为喜欢可爱所以才会收可爱的图啊。

31.畫畫途中會分心做其他事 即使作画工具是电脑,投入的话也会忘记周围的东西。

32.認為繪圖板是會令畫功進步的道具 买来第一天就知道不是这样的

33.畫了張很滿意的圖但第二天再看時就囧了 没,没那么夸张吧。

34.一星期只會畫一張圖或更少 一个月才画一次……

35.有開網站放自己的圖但一直沒有更新 这是个问题啊

36.畫エロ(色情)圖但最後會變成グロ(獵奇)圖 很黄,很暴力!

37.覺得沒有才能再多努力也沒用 有才能当然好。但是天赋和后天努力是互相不能替代的,虽然需要成功并不一定两者都需要。

38.其實根本就不會畫圖 答对了!*洒花* 但是谁一开始不是都不会的么。(只是有点担心,这么长时间没有练习,再继续会不会有点难?)


Throught the last year I have been translating Second Life client into simplified Chinese, and – it has finally been made it to the Release Candidate! (Along with other languages.) Download from Second Life website.
去年中我一直在翻译第二人生的客户端,因为原来的翻译实在不怎么样。而现在翻译基本完成,结合到最新的 1.22 发行候选版了!(和其他语言一起。) 你可以从第二人生官方网站下载

For the Chinese version, there are a lot of things that could use a proofread, and gloss work to be done. Wanna help out? Not just for Chinese – there are other languages, like Danish, German, French, Japanese and more! Be sure to help volunteer translators out by testing and report any issues you may find for a language you speak.

But I plan to move on, there are other things I want to spend time on. So I’m glad that Ken March has came to help out brining SL to more Chinese residents! Ken is the founder of Islab, which was once an important Chinese SL community. So he has bigger experience and recognition in SL than the unknown Geneko.
不过我打算结束翻译,而转做一些别的事情。我很高兴 Ken March 能够帮助林登实验室将第二人生带给更多的说汉语的居民。Ken 是易思实验室的创始人,而易思实验室曾是第二人生中一个重要的中文社区。我相信相比于根本没人听说过的 Geneko 来说,Ken 对这虚拟世界有着更多的经验和知名度。

But after looking at his first batch of translations… I’m worried that maybe I still need to keep helping for a while.
不过看了 Ken 的第一批翻译…… 我实在有点担心。照这样的话可能卡库尔还要继续翻译一段时间呢。