据Nintendo Power称《库洛诺亚·通往幻梦界之门》Wii重制在五月份发行。五月份……计划说是回上海的。就是从eBay上进口也一定要入手!不过听说如果没有修工程统计的话明年选课会有些难呢?
As told by Nintendo Power, the Wii remake of Kuronoa: Door to Phantomile is to be released in May. May… I planned to go back to Shanghai. But even if I have to import it from eBay, I’ll do all I have to to get it! But it’s said if I don’t take Statistics for Engineers it would be difficult to choose courses for next year?

WikiFur中文版最近开张了!卡库尔是创始人之一。……其实没做什么事。目前总共也只有5条条目而已。不过我希望能够通过建立中文的兽人爱好者资料库,在华语圈内能够创造更多的毛毛迷 (顺便把人气从白牙那里全部拉走(误))。第一条条目是库洛诺亚
The Chinese WikiFur is open! Kakurady being one of the founders. …didn’t do much actually. There’s currently only 5 articles. But I hope by creating a Chinese furry fan database, create more furry fans in the Sinosphere (and pull all the popularity from Alphawolf Kiba (no, that’s not true)). The first article is Klonoa.

但是如果是兽人百科全书的话,第一条条目应该是兽人才对吧?问题是,“兽人”在中文兽人次文化中至少有四种不同的解释 (还不算最流行的绿皮肤的那一种)。
But if it’s a furry encyclopedia, you would expect the first article to be about furry, right? The problem is "beast man" has four meanings in the Chinese-speaking furry/therianthrope subculture (that’s not counting the most popular green skin one…).

看到Vista一个月没有更新才意识到半个月一直都在使用Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope 内测版。安装Alpha版本的动机很简单:因为专有软件的第二人生语音组件(由Vivox提供的)经常把PulseAudio声音服务器弄瘫!升级到9.04以后,Pulse果然不瘫了……但是Vivox语音却霸占一个内核,让XOrg, Pulse和第二人生只能分着另外一个内核……性能可想而知。
It’s upon seeing that Vista hasn’t been checking for updates for a month did I realize that half a month have I been using Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope alpha. The motivation to install an Alpha is simple: because the properitary Second Life voice component (provided by Vivox) often collapses PulseAudio audio server! After updating to 9.04, Pulse stopped failing… but Vivox voice keeps one core to itself, leaving XOrg, Pulse and Second Life to the other core… you can imagine how painful the performance is.

9.04另外一个很明显的改变就是新的争论重大的通知系统 (notify-osd)。Windows 通知区域有时候也会冒出来几个气泡,气泡本身可以点,还有一个叉子可以按。GNOME桌面一直也是这样的。但是Canonical 的用户体验工作小组却想出来一个完全只能看不能摸连个记录都没有的通知守护进程。……其实这倒和《洛奇》的通知挺像。不过一定要用默认的图标才有音量显示么?
Another visible change is the new and controversal notification system (notify-osd). The Windows Notification Area sometimes pops up some bubbles, too, the bubbles themselves are clickable, and there’s a cross to push. The GNOME desktop has been like this way too. But the Canonical user experience group made up something that you can only look but not touch and doesn’t even keep a record that kind of notification daemon. … it kinda feels like the notifications in Mabinogi. But does the default icon set have to be used to have volume changes displayed?

Another annoyance is XOrg. No pressure for stylus, eraser tracking needs to be configured in command line, unplug the Apple Mighty Mouse (a USB mouse) and the whole X server collapses!

The junk all over the room is cleaned all right, but the homework is piled up again! Although, I was playing Okami in the weekends. Writing two journal entries takes four hours?!


Come to think of it I shouldn’t have worked on this picture to go with this post for another hour (kaboom

状态更新 Status Update

First an announcement. Because it’s harder to use Windows Live Spaces (especially in Firefox under GNOME), I’m thinking of writing blogs first to the mirror site, Nekotoba instead. This would mean if I ever decide to use Ubuntu again, updates to Kir’s Corner may get delayed for a while (read: days).

Well, since no one reads either blog, it’s not like anyone would see this announcement. But hopefully this would give me the incentive to update more often, which could boost the popularity of either side a little bit.

首先是一项通告。因为 (特别在 GNOME 下使用 Firefox 中) 使用 Windows Live Spaces 比较麻烦,我现在在考虑优先更新镜像站 Nekotoba. 这意味着如果我哪天打算再去用Ubuntu,对Kir’s Corner 的更新可能会延迟一会儿 (也就是:几天)。


说是这么说,不过最近 Windows Live 最近发表第三波 (Wave 3),包括许多新功能,似乎相当有潜力。微软是个很奇怪的公司,除了主营业务以外都很受用户欢迎 (笑)。

That said, Windows Live just released Wave 3 recently, with many new features, seems to have a lot of potential. Microsoft is a weird company, all their businesses are highly welcomed by the users except for the main one. <g>


(Days ago I saw a joking comment on Slashdot that said, Microsoft is a good mouse manufactor, just that everyone hates them for their side business of operating systems.) 


To this wendesday, all lessons of this term has ended. Doesn’t seem to have learned anything for all that I went through this term, can’t even complete the assignments. Exams are coming up! Let’s do this. Gotta start and finish the assignment for the computer engineering course, takes a big portion of the score so very important. Approximated the time, it’s about ten hours.


因此大部分从九月份就列出的未完成的项目,到现在都没有动静。兽装没有下一刀,有一个月没有写日志/画画了(实话说,写一次日志就要一小时),估计再去画的话,风格又要转变了。Second Life® 客户端的翻译确是完成了,不过质量就……。不过这么大的项目能完成也是不容易呢。

Either being busy, or being lazy lately. Assignments coming from the left and mails coming from the right, then the garbage bin fills without me noticing. Finally got everything done but then finds myself going around the web reading things that can’t even be remembered. Spreading the attention too thin? But with all that I read everyday, even when I want to give up some, I just don’t know what to throw away.

So most uncompleted stuff from September has not been touched even to now. Fursuit has not been cut once, one month without blogging / drawing (to be frank, writing a blog entry takes about one hour) and if I go on to draw again the style probably will change once more. The translation for Second Life® client has been completed, but the quality is…. It was quite a feat to complete such a big project though.

又读了几部漫画,引发了一场 meme, 投了一次票 (结果是输的那一方 -ω-). 那,今天就到这里吧。下次接着日志。

Read some comics, started a meme, went in a vote (and lost -ω-). So let this be all of today. See you soon.

目前项目状态 / Current project status


  • 兽装 – 0%……
    Fursuit – 0%…
  • 10 000th hit – 0%……

SVG 切割器已经完成但是制作一个字要一分钟太长所以 Nekotoba 字体项目暂时搁置。
SVG cutter has been completed but making a glyph takes one minute which is too long so Nekotoba font project is shelved.