What The Fur review

上次 FE 展后回顾所列的愿望:
Wishlist from Further Equinox’s review:

Some things to improve next con: take more photos, post more on Twitter, practice fursuit movements before con, mingle with non-fursuiters more, drink more water, and DON’T STAY IN FURSUIT for all of the dance competition.
下次去兽展,希望能: 拍更多的照片、发更多的推、走之前练习兽装动作、和非兽装穿着者互动更多、喝更多的水、还有不要整个舞蹈比赛都穿着兽装。

  • 拍照片——大约200张,其中64张能看的。 FE: 150张
    Photos — about 200, 64 of which looks okay. FE: 150
  • 发推——两次
    Tweeting – twice
  • 练习……根本没有时间啊
    Practising… no time!
  • 更多互动——缺乏,一穿了兽装就坐不下来,更不要说什么谈话或画图之类的事情了。
    More interaction — lacking. Once I put on fursuit, it’s impossible to sit down and stay put, let alone anything like chat or doodling!
  • 喝水——穿兽装每半小时休息,喝一杯水。所以,这次没有头疼,没有感冒,也没有展会综合征/水土不服之类的事情。
    Drink — break between every half an hour, and drink a glass of water. So no headaches, no flu, and no con crud this year!

I’m still disappointed that at fur cons, people stay up late and sleep in, so there aren’t much stuff happening in the mornings.

This year What The Fur has moved to Delta Centre-ville. The bad is it’s a large, expensive hotel, so there are many other guests staying. Also, the convention floor is underground and completely lacking in natural light, so photography is hard. The good is that the convention floor is spacious, and has a hub-and-spoke arrangement, so it’s easy to find and mingle with people. Also, there are many other guests staying, including families, tourists, and engineering students here for the annual concrete canoe competition (seriously)!
今年What The Fur 移动到了Delta Centre-ville. 不好的地方是这是个大型酒店,价格不菲,其他宾客也很多。另外,整个会议中心在地下二层,完全没有自然光,所以照相难。好处是会议中心面积很大,并且呈放射性排列,所以很容易和大家打成一片。另外,其他宾客也很多,包括家庭、游客、以及来这里参加每年的混凝土划艇比赛的工程系学生们 (真的) !

(How spacious is the convention floor? Every year in January, the very same hotel plays host to CUSEC, the Canadian University Software Engineering Conference. This year, 12 universities in Canada have have sent delegations, each having about a bus full of attendees. And 18 organizations set up tables at the career fair after lunches.
会议中心有多大?每年一月,CUSEC ——加拿大大学软件工程会议——在该酒店举办。今年 12 个大学派了代表团来,每个至少坐满了一车。午饭后的招聘会,有18个组织设展位。

I went to CUSEC this year. It’s actually kind of weird to come to the same convention space for a completely different convention.
我今年也参加了CUSEC. 在同一个会场参加完全不同的展会感觉好奇怪。)

Furnal Equinox epilude


And I’ve finally got around to say something about the first Furry Convention I’ve been to in almost a year and a half! (Not for lack of trying, though.) My last convention was Condition:Red in 2011, and after that I’ve been to several local anime conventions, and they have very awesome people as well, but it’s just not the same…
自2011年的Condition:Red之后一年半没有去过兽展之后(动漫展虽然强人很多,但是毕竟不一样)按耐不住决定去了多伦多的Furnal Equinox。今天终于有机会写一下回顾了。

Unfortunately I had a cold that week, so I couldn’t be fursuiting on Friday. That said I took the time to take some photos, which are on Flickr if you haven’t seen them! And also this time I finally got to hear one of Nuka-kitty‘s lectures sessions panels on furry psychology in full. Because SCIENCE! And of course the improv night was hilarious, especially with Nuka in fursuit. Almost braved and went in fursuit too, but I decided to make sure not to overexert myself.
不行的是去之前感冒了,所以周五没有机会穿兽装。不过趁这个机会照了些照片,传到了Flickr上,没看的话赶快去看。 (很抱歉,Flickr在大陆不能正常访问。)另外,终于能够从头到尾地听一次Nuka 的兽控心理学讲座了。(国内动漫展好像没有讲座的样子?)科学万岁!还有晚上的即兴表演,笑翻天笑死人不偿命~特别是当Nuka穿兽装上去的时候!

(Second time to a con with a flu this year, why… just why?)

Woke to an early start on Saturday and fursuited as much as I can. The sponsor pizza party was cool, although the first batch of pizza was a bit stale (later batches are fine) and I can’t decide which table to sit at. Did a little fursuit dance then went to bed.
周六早晨提早起床,尽可能地多穿兽装。升级到赞助者级别彻底发挥作用了:早饭是赞助者休息室的火鸡三明治,午饭是赞助者休息室的火鸡三明治,晚上是赞助者休息室的匹萨派对……不过第一批匹萨有点潮了(后面几批都没问题). 晚上稍微跳了一下舞就睡觉了。

On Sunday I went to watch the dance competition. I could still hardly believe that this is the first time Furnal Equinox hosted a dance competition, and the first time almost all the contestants are participating! (And almost all of them didn’t sleep or eat much…) All 9 of them are full of energy and rhythm, and their performance are very fun to watch, as well as full of surprises! Especially the first place :snapback:, who built their own suit and is just as adorable as an otter can ever be; yet on the dance floor, she is a force to be reckoned with. Kudos to all the participants – the Original Nine Crew!
周日早晨去观看了舞蹈比赛。记忆已经模糊,但忘不了的是参赛的九位兽装穿着者,每个都那么充满了活力和激情。真不能想象这都是他们第一次参加舞蹈比赛 (而且大多都没吃饭没睡觉),也不能想象这是第一次 FE 举办舞蹈比赛……特别要提一下的是第一名 Snapback, 平常是再可爱不过的小水獭,一到舞池就成为一股不可抗拒的力量。而且ta的兽装是自己做的,这家伙有多厉害?!这里再次对所有参赛者致敬!

The con wasn’t as exciting as I thought, as a whole, and perhaps it’s because the novelty has worn off, or perhaps because I was too worried about school; but nevertheless it was full of highlights!

A lot of time was spent at the sponsor lounge eating and mingling. Food at the sponsor lounge is simple, but the turkey sandwich was okay and at least I didn’t go hungry. But I did not eat much and moved a lot, so I lost a kilogram (2-3 pounds) during the convention. It would have been even better to have someone to go together to Tim Hortons for breakfast, but I don’t know any people who sleep and wake early at fur cons…
这次到FE, 很多时间在赞助者休息室吃东西聊天。休息室供应的食品很简单,但是火鸡三明治还凑合,至少没饿着肚子。不过我吃的不多,动得很多,所以整个兽展瘦了一公斤。如果早晨有人能陪我一起去 Tim Hortons 吃早饭就好了,不过我不认识谁在兽展那么早就起床的……

(Off topic: At Anthrocon 2011, I’m always the first to rise, and bring a box of donuts to the room after breakfast.)

There are a couple people I thought I would see but didn’t, like :linkbattykoha: and :linkErisValgen:, and some people I expected to see like :linkAmico: and :linkblondiepup:, some I didn’t expect to see like Zanni (:linktherian:). Some people I just get excited to finally see in the fur like :linkflowkitty:. And then there are new faces like Kelsey (karlounichou) (finally I get to see a :iconKalamari: fursuit in meatspace!) and :snapback: of course!
有几个人想见到没有见到,例如 battykoha 和 erisvalgen,但还是见到了Amico 和 blondiepup,以及没有预料到能见到的像是 Zanni. 有些终于能亲眼见到,例如 Flow, 以及新面孔,像是Kelsey和Snapback!

Some things to improve next con: take more photos, post more on Twitter, practice fursuit movements before con, mingle with non-fursuiters more,  drink more water, and DON’T STAY IN FURSUIT for all of the dance competition. (I was dehydrated on Sunday and came back home with a headache! Buying a sport drink at the bus rest stop helped, though.) A final regret is haven’t bought the “Blueperhand puppet. (Practically 20% off if you figure in shipping!)
下次去兽展,希望能: 拍更多的照片、发更多的推、走之前练习兽装动作、和非兽装穿着者互动更多、喝更多的水、还有不要整个舞蹈比赛都穿着兽装。 (周日走的时候严重脱水, 头痛! 乘车停下来的时候买了瓶运动饮料好像对此有一些作用。)最后的遗憾是没有决定买下 “Blueper手偶. (加上送货费相当于打八折!)

A shout out to :icondizzywizzy: for running the sponsor’s lounge, :iconskyr3der: for organizing the dancing competition, and :iconolefin: for the con videos, as well as thanks for rest of the staff and attendees! Another to my roommates :linkdarkysabretooth: :linkspikekitty69: :linkGozob:. And finally another round of applause to :iconSnapback:, you’re the most awesome ever!
感谢Wizzy看管赞助者休息室、Ronnie组织舞蹈大赛、Olefin录像、以及Furnal Equinox的所有其他工作人员和参加者! 还有我的室友们 Darky, Spike 和 Garou! 最后请为 Snapback 热烈鼓掌——你是最棒的!


Oh yes and :linkPazzix:! Long time no see!


Via Origamigryphon and Keely – 同时张贴在Fur Affinity上
来自 Origamigryphon 和 Keely – Also posted on Fur Affinity

Posed in front of a mirror?
It’s a must! For a fursuiter it’s hard to judge your performances without seeing them from the outside. I didn’t realize I had my head looking downwards all AC until I looked in the mirror. I’ve also very often just go in front of the mirror and enjoy my fursuit’s irrestible cuteness. “Who’s a good puppy? Who’s a good puppy? I’m a good puppy! I’m a good puppy!” I blame this akita. (Since revamped: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AEdxV9-Z10)
那是一定要的啦!作为兽装穿着者不用从外面看而评判自己的表现是一件难事。直到照镜子之前我都没有意识到自己整个AC都在低头。我也经常会到镜子之前什么都不干就是享受我的兽装的无法抗拒的可爱。“谁是只好狗狗啊?谁是只好狗狗啊?我是只好狗狗!我是只好狗狗!”这都要责怪那只秋田犬 (YouTube链接)。(后来重做过了:YouTube链接)

Been shopping/to a supermarket/store in fursuit?
Subway and Macs (convienence store). As for supermarkets, naw. The local mall forbids masks, and I fear some venues would have the same policy. Plus, I’d rather not have somebody filming me and add a creepy sound track saying “he wants to live his animal life so much, he would not take his costume off.”
赛百味和Macs (便利店)。其他地方,不敢。附近的购物中心不允许戴面具,我怕其他地方也有这样的规定。并且万一有人录像,配上吓人的解说,“他如此地想作为一只动物活着,从来都不会把这套装束脱下来”就……

Been group suiting?

Nevah. I’ve been fursuiting with a group on Canada day, but that’s like a mini-parade than actual group suiting.

Ever put on your fursuit for no reason and worn it for an extended period of time?

… can’t think of any (有时候睡觉会穿?)
… 想不起来有那种情况 (will wear sometimes when sleeping?)

Have you walked around your hometown in fursuit?
With my hometown, Shanghai, 11337 kilometres (7044 miles) away from Ottawa, it’s a little bit difficult… But it will be done, someday.
上海离渥太华11337千米 (7044英里),会有难度吧……不过某一天会做到的。

Fursuited in a different state?
Province, you insensitive clod, and no.

In a different country?
See below question.

Fursuited at a con? If so, how many times?
I bought this fursuit on impulse at AC2011; wore all Saturday and Sunday. Also at Condition:Red (2011). Not as much as at AC, but definitely more than my roommate who barely fursuited at all.
这件兽装是我在AC2011冲动买下来的;整个周六和周日都在穿。还有就是在 Condition:Red (2011)。没有AC那么多,不过绝对比带了兽装都没怎么穿的室友要多。

Eaten in fursuit?

I want to resell this fursuit later, so no eating. Plus, this fursuit isn’t that good for eating; the mouth is glued on the sides.
打算以后卖掉这件兽装,所以不可以吃东西。另外这件兽装不适合吃东西; 嘴两边是粘上的。

Drank in fursuit?

Yeah, lots of water, but no beverages, because my plastic water pouchs will need cleaning if I put beverages in it. Oh, you mean alchohol? I don’t drink alchohol. If I need my self-restraint turned off, I just put on my fursuit. In a few moments it would be like I have drank alchohol.

Put on someone else’s fursuit?
It is my ambition to wear every fursuit in the world (that fits). To date, I have tried on 7 fursuits that I don’t own: Zets (head only), Prefectionist’s, Windrunner, ~BlueMoon, head swap with Clouwy, Amigo (first time wearing a full fursuit), and a fursuiter who probably would not prefer to be mentioned (his bodysuit is done, but he’s still looking for a good maker to build his head). In addition, I swapped my fursuit for Shekkakat’s fursona cosplay.
我的野心是试穿世界上的每一件兽装 (仅限能穿得下的)。到目前为止我试穿过7件不是自己的兽装:Zets (仅头)、Prefectionist的、Windrunner, ~BlueMoon, 和Clouwy换头,Amigo(第一次试穿全套装!)以及一位估计不会喜欢名字被提到的兽装穿着者 (他的身子已经做好了,但是还没有想好请谁来做头部)。另外我还用自己的兽装换过Shekkakat的兽设Cosplay。

Ruined the magic in public?
I have walked around in AC with my head off for quite a long time. As for the general public, I took my head off when a group of children at a park demanded it, as mentioned above.

Gone to a furmeet in suit?
First in Prefectionist’s, then at Canada Day (the national holiday) my own. One day I’ll attend a furmeet as my fursona.
曾穿着Prefectionist的去过,而后在加拿大日 (国庆) 穿了自己的。某一天我要以自己兽设的身份参加兽聚。

Been in a moving car while in suit?
I fursuited on a Greyhound bus once, way back from AC2011. (Some passenger asked “are you one of those people on CSI” -.-)
一次在Greyhound (城际巴士公司) 的大巴上穿过,从AC2011回来的时候。 (有乘客问我“你是不是CSI上讲的那些人-.-”)

Been glomped while in suit?
I’ve had lots of hugs. I think I’ve been viciorously hugged once or twice, if that’s what you mean.

Glomped someone while in suit?
I used to pounce people before I even had a fursuit! I did try to pounce someone in suit (make sure to approach the suiter from the -front- if you do this), but I forgot what happened next.
以前没有兽装的时候我也扑过人!有兽装之后确实扑抱过别的兽装 (请一定一定从兽装穿着者的前方接近)。

Made a child smile?
Most of them are afraid of me. But the group who demanded me take my head off were ectastic.

Can’t. Unless you count the Con:Red dead dog party where I flailed in suit from 23:57 to 00:00.

Been in a fursuit dance competition?

Wouldn’t last three seconds. I should try learning streetdancing like breaking, or even better, para para. Next year’s Anthrocon is themed “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Perhaps someone should go and do non-street (tango, ballet, etc.) dancing.
撑不了三秒。我应该去学街舞,例如 b-boying,或者 para para 的话更好了。明年 Anthrocon 主题是 “仲夏夜之梦” 。也许谁应该去竞赛跳古典舞蹈 (探戈、芭蕾,等等)。

Done something that attracted a large group of people while in suit?
Never had a group as large as street jugglers. Aformentioned group that demanded my head off was the largest group.

Experienced a hater?
I had people who watched CSI but they mostly just find me cute, if a bit kinky. However at Condition:Red, there was a child being carried, who enjoyed seeing me. But when I tried to apporach, her mother turned around and said something like “How dare you apporach my daughter like that!” As for real “GTFO FURFAG” haters, no.
不少人看过那集CSI,不过他们大部分都觉得我很可爱,虽然可能也觉得有一点点变态吧。不过在Condition:Red有一个被抱着的小孩子,看见我很高兴。不过当我上前去的时候,抱着她的母亲说 “你怎么敢这样接近我的女儿!” 至于真的“你██的滚开你这兽控变态”仇恨者,还没有。

Longest time in fursuit? (what counts as being in suit is up to you)
I once went to downtown CBD/around parliament and suited up, where a group of children at a park demanded my head to be taken off. I’ve only taken my head off twice that trip.
About three hours. I’m a new fursuiter, and still learning how to manage between dehydration and having to empty the bladder. Usually I have to do that every hour.

And finally…
Most memorable moment in fursuit?
Condition:Red fursuit games, specifically the musical chairs. I won! But I’ve never exerted myself so much since I graduated from high school. You can read all about it in my con report! The section on the fursuit games is about as long as the rest of the article.
Condition:Red 兽装游戏,特别是抢椅子。我赢了!不过自高中毕业以后我从来没有这么累过。你可以在我的兽展报告里面读到详细描述。兽装游戏的那段几乎是整个文章的一半。

Writing this meme is fun! Translating it, isn’t fun at all. :< 写这篇问卷好开心!翻译这篇问卷好无聊。 :< P.S. Rover Mutt fursuit by Made Fur You (worn by Syber at AC2011) is up for auction, very cheap! Only one day left!

I has paws.

So, SL build UI redesign is still no go… because I spent the whole week-end working on something.


These are feetpaws built on a sock base and fit to myself, so they are very comfy! Takes about three or four hours per paw, which comes to a total of eight hours… not counting the time shaping foam or purchasing tools and materials. This is the first time I worked with glue gun and faux fur, so there are lumps and visible seams all over (but only hardly). The fur only goes as high as the ankle; it’s a limit of the short duct-tape dummy I made. In addition, the stuffing (Subway sandwich wrappers and old Shanghai Daily pages) compress over time, so it ended up being a bit crampy. I also need to remember not to use markers on any foam surfaces that will be covered with white fur – green foam shows through, green markers doubly so. There is no pawpads or soles on this thing, since it gets really tiring after working on this for 4 hours… so currently it can only be worn indoors.

这对兽脚是用袜子作基础,按照自己的脚裁剪的,所以非常舒服!每只大概要用3到4小时,总共8小时……不算做脚趾头或购买工具的时间。这是我第一次和热熔胶枪和绒毛打交道,所以到处都是凸起和可见的缝隙 (不过没那么明显)。绒毛只到脚踝,因为胶带脚模做得太小了……另外里面的填充物 (赛百味商标三明治包纸和旧报纸)也会压缩,所以最后做出来的比较紧。下次还要注意不要在将用白毛盖住的部分上使用记号笔……海绵的绿色会透过白色的毛,而记号笔的绿色则更是如此。完全没有肉球或是鞋跟什么的,四个小时之后累死了。所以目前只能在室内穿。

For the fur, I settled cutting the backing with a segmented utility knife… by X-Acto. Most people recommend the brand for their pen blade, so I didn’t expect them to make these things… and while the tip is a bit blunt, the blade is very sharp!

The glue gun used is a dual-temp from Ad-Tech – like all Ad-Tech hot glue guns, it has a little slip of warning inside the package that says the power cord contains lead (to prevent overheating), and one should wash hands after handling. A pity, considering hot glue itself is non-toxic and is probably the safest glue usable for working on costumes you can get your paws on in North America. Lead is… nasty. It can cause nerve and brain damage, and accumulates in the body with a half-life of 10 years by replacing the calcium in bones. Many of lead’s damaging properties are because of its similar chemical behaviour to calcium. Lead enters human body mainly through ingestion and inhalation, and also through skin contact, although for pure lead, this is minimal. There has not been found an amount of lead that is too small to cause no effect.
热熔胶枪是 Ad-Tech 牌子的双温枪。和Ad-Tech的其它枪一样,在包装的里面有一个很小的注意事项写着电源线包含铅,用后清洗手。好可惜。因为热熔胶本身并无毒,算是北美能搞到的能用在兽装上的最安全的粘合剂了。铅很烦人。它可以造成神经和大脑伤害,并且在体内堆积,半衰期有10年之久,主要代替钙囤积在骨头里。铅的许多伤害特性都和它与钙类似的化学性质有关。铅主要通过呼吸道和消化道进入人体,也可以从皮肤,但是这对于纯铅来说,量不是很大。目前还没有发现足够小到不足以造成影响的铅含量.

  • Knowing these makes the news that a provincial government of China detaining a bus of lead-poisoned villagers and their children heading to check-up even more tragic…
  • Orochi (telecom specialist, doujin artist) said 90% of things in his workshop had cables lined with lead, and they are all mostly from China.
    • This one is made in Taiwan, though.
    • Lead-infused PVC cord coating used to be everywhere, although it has been on the fall since RoHS.
  • The other brand of glue gun, Surebonder, sold in Michaels craft store? Also contains lead in cable, but it has the warning on the back of the package… There’s also yet another brand sold in Wal-Mart, but that one is hot temp (200°C) only.

In developed countries, lead-contaminated plumbing is a major source of lead. … maybe I should get my tap water tested.

GAnime 2010

好像前一天还在上海玩太鼓之达人呢,一下子就到了二月份了。周六在河对面有动漫展,决定过去看看。结果在8路公交车上……上来几只小动物。“难道是兽人?——哎?!Zets?! 你怎么……?!”

结果两天下来都跟在兽装后面拍照片……实际剧场、讲座、文艺表演都没有去 (赶774狐的生日派对,结果过去基本上就是睡觉玩游戏+争抢喇叭)。不过,拍了大概有170张照片,收获不小。

It’s as if I was playing Taiko no Tatsujin in Shanghai just yesterday, but February has already swiftly arrived. There was an anime con on the other side of the river, decided to take a look on a whim. On the way there… some critters boarded the route 8 bus. “Furries? … Wha… Zets?!”

Ended up taking pics after fursuiters for the whole two days, didn’t actually went to see manga showings, panels or masquerade (was hurrying to 774fox’s birthday party, but only things I did there were to sleep play games + fighting for the loudspeakers). But 170 (usable) pictures were taken, quite a lot!

蓝色的狐狼Sio是个很可爱的女孩子,穿上兽装之后更是萌暴了~不过可惜已经有男朋友了。他的兽装也是Sio做的,不过可惜不太像老虎。很棒的一对呢。基本上卡库尔两天就跟着这一对后面当照相机+电灯泡。(然后回来每个人都说我拍得很好,真的么^^||)这次Coser也很多呢,但是基本上是拣自己喜欢的作品抓拍……特别注意的是卡库尔借戴了一下.hack//GU版本的 Kite的帽子。虽然Cosplay是讲究效果不讲究舒适的,可是帽子真的好~舒服,可惜没有拍下来……(不过听说帽子做的太小了,带上假发就不适合了) 另外还遇到了从蒙特利尔来的兽装穿着者Fufu一只?!

Sio, the blue folf, is a very cute girl, and even more so when wearing her fursuit~ too bad she already has a boyfriend. His fursuit is made by Sio too, too bad it doesn’t look like a tiger much. A great couple. Basically Kaku was following the pair for the whole weekend like a lamppost / photographer. (And everyone said I took great pictures! Really? ^^||) A lot of cosers as well, but I bacially picked those from my fave works… Especially I borrowed the hat of  .hack//GU version of Kite, although cosplay is more about effect and less about comfort, but the hat is just so~ comfortable, too bad didn’t took a picture of it… (But he said the hat was too small and won’t fit after donning the wig) Also met a fursuiter named Fufu who were coming from Montreal


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好想多玩一会儿Rock Band…