I seem to have listed out things worth doing solely to avoid doing them. Page after page I read so I can get my mind away from the inevitable. But there is no escape; if I don’t do it, things are going to be nasty.

All I think about is others, but I spend little time on myself. It’s these times which makes me feel lonely.

It’s already August, and yet I haven’t done anything productive this summer. Family reunion is meaningless now. Meh. Four months and no classes, I’m getting lonely. That’s not a part of my plan…

Someone on IRC joked that I’ve suddenly been emo. Well, maybe he’s true… all talk no action makes me quite sad. But Emo kitty Do Not Want. Cut down the cruft, efficiency Power Up. Not am I gonna do it, I’m gonna do it cool. It’s not easy, but I’ll try my best.

…yeah. That’s it.

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