Tired, going to sleep.

10 hours and 1200 pages today, again.

So for the UI project I chose to redesign the building interface of Second Life a month ago, without giving too much thought about it. And of course, didn’t manage to do the first part of the project on time, or even at all. Now the deadline of the second part is coming close…

I think I might just have made a bad commitment.
Trying to do the impossible. Worse, I chose to do it alone. Frig. Now I only have two days…

To top things off mom thinks I’m planning to go to Anthrocon and is thinking of tagging along! I deferred the problem of scheduling until Monday but didn’t really give it a thought either!

On top of that I am just so used to browsing stuff and doing nothing I just don’t want to do any real work at all. I get very easily addicted to reading random stuff… easily spends 10+ hours browsing every day.

I shut myself in this white box, in front of the blue box… not even virtually socializing. Let’s not even talk about the real life.


and I can’t even keep my mind on writing blog either. It’s just like that…

Bleh, I don’t even know what to say here (this paragraph revised two times). Just that I suck. In short: I haven’t succeeded in my own effort, so I’m afraid and would prefer to stick to familiar stuff, like reading addictive websites and never studying. I’ve been doing this for 10 years, it’s damned familiar to me. Nothing I have is of my own effort. Either it’s from my parents or I did it effortlessly.

But living alone, having no one to guide me…

I want a roommate.

FursuitTV 4 year anniversivary tomorrow.

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