… and why I don’t update my journals

They take forever to write. 写的没完没了。

Really. The last journal (spur of the moment) took me better part of an hour. 真的。上一篇日志(心血来潮)几乎用了一个小时。

比起 Twitter 上 140 字的微日志,写长篇文真的很烦,特别是还要用双语写,时间变成双倍。Compared to 140 character microblogs on Twitter, it’s such a hassle to write long form, especially bilingually, which doubles the time. I dread the day I learn how to French… 学会法语会不会更糟糕?

I actually wrote my Midwest Furfest con report in English just after the con, but I waited to process photos to go with them. I’ll also need to translate when I do publish. 实际上 Furfest 的兽展报告,展会一结束就用英文写好了,但是我当时想等处理完照片一起放上来。发布的时候还要翻译。

这就是我的日志为什么从来不更新的原因。This is why I never update my journals.

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