777: 7 courses, 7 days, 7 assignments.

The title is not a reference to 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. No, it’s not! Uh-uh! Nope!

So for some slackitude reasons, I had 6 assignments piled up, all due on the week of Feburary 1st or the Monday immediately after. (Actually 7, as I forgot to ask for one professor’s web site.) Since there is an anime con in the weekend, my plan was to complete everything during the weekdays, for there won’t be any time to do them during the weekend, and undone homework would be a really bad thing to have at a con.

During the week, I handed in a web client and suh-vuh, a demo of a ball bouncing in a dish, a token ring simulator (kinda) and an artificial stupidity. 2 Java classes, one C++ project, one C file, and the odd one Python spaghetti (glad that semicolon does nothing in Python), one missed class (just… one… more… compile…), and everything’s finally done… on Saturday lunchtime. The panels I wanted to go are all finished. Oh well, better slow than missed bugs, I suppose.

大概是因为懒惰的关系吧,从二月一日到二月八日的一个星期多一天,竟然堆了7门作业要交 (虽然有一门我不知道)。打算周末去动漫展,所以决定在周末前把作业全部做完——没做完的作业可不是一件适合带到动漫展的东西。

一周中交上了网络客户端和糊误器各一件,在盘子里弹跳的球一个,令牌网模拟器一块,还有人工无能一只。2个Java类、一个C++工程、一个C文件、还有明显不同的Python乌东面一份 (还好多写一个分号也没问题),终于在……周六中午完成了。想去的动漫展讲座,全部讲完了。哎,总比漏了程序错误强吧。


展览会场作过了装修,今年感觉十分的现代 (后现代? 后后现代?),但是不知道为什么,面向中庭的窗全被用儿童画盖上了。实话说,不和谐。当然,从窗看下去,展会的忙碌和外面的购物中心的空荡,确实差别很大。不过我还是觉得,能够看到参展者吃饭 (特别是动漫展的时候,coser 在吃饭) 会觉得这地方很亲近。

游戏室周日很早就撤了,《王国之心II》存档记录时间:6 小时。也许不应该呆在游戏室,而是去听听讲座什么的。去年的动漫藏书室,今年是放映室,唯一的一个英语放映室。


This is the second time attending GAnime, so for some slackitude reasons, I didn’t register beforehand, and paid admission on the spot instead. Because didn’t had furries together like last time, and my camera also disappeared, it was relatively less interesting.

The location has been renovated, it feels very modern this year (post-modern? post-post-modern?); but for some reason the windows to the atrium have been covered with drawings by children. Frankly, not harmonious. Of course, between the busy conference center up here and the empty shopping center down there, it is a big contrast. But I still feel it makes the place friendlier if you can see other attendees (especially in the case of anime con, cosplayers) eating.

The games room were cleaned out very early on Sunday, save record for Kingdom Hearts II indicates playtime of 6 hours. Maybe I should have gone to panels instead. Where was manga library last year, was a screening room this year, the only English one.

Conclusion: No matter if it’s an anime con or a furry con, going alone is not very interesting.

GAnime 2010

好像前一天还在上海玩太鼓之达人呢,一下子就到了二月份了。周六在河对面有动漫展,决定过去看看。结果在8路公交车上……上来几只小动物。“难道是兽人?——哎?!Zets?! 你怎么……?!”

结果两天下来都跟在兽装后面拍照片……实际剧场、讲座、文艺表演都没有去 (赶774狐的生日派对,结果过去基本上就是睡觉玩游戏+争抢喇叭)。不过,拍了大概有170张照片,收获不小。

It’s as if I was playing Taiko no Tatsujin in Shanghai just yesterday, but February has already swiftly arrived. There was an anime con on the other side of the river, decided to take a look on a whim. On the way there… some critters boarded the route 8 bus. “Furries? … Wha… Zets?!”

Ended up taking pics after fursuiters for the whole two days, didn’t actually went to see manga showings, panels or masquerade (was hurrying to 774fox’s birthday party, but only things I did there were to sleep play games + fighting for the loudspeakers). But 170 (usable) pictures were taken, quite a lot!

蓝色的狐狼Sio是个很可爱的女孩子,穿上兽装之后更是萌暴了~不过可惜已经有男朋友了。他的兽装也是Sio做的,不过可惜不太像老虎。很棒的一对呢。基本上卡库尔两天就跟着这一对后面当照相机+电灯泡。(然后回来每个人都说我拍得很好,真的么^^||)这次Coser也很多呢,但是基本上是拣自己喜欢的作品抓拍……特别注意的是卡库尔借戴了一下.hack//GU版本的 Kite的帽子。虽然Cosplay是讲究效果不讲究舒适的,可是帽子真的好~舒服,可惜没有拍下来……(不过听说帽子做的太小了,带上假发就不适合了) 另外还遇到了从蒙特利尔来的兽装穿着者Fufu一只?!

Sio, the blue folf, is a very cute girl, and even more so when wearing her fursuit~ too bad she already has a boyfriend. His fursuit is made by Sio too, too bad it doesn’t look like a tiger much. A great couple. Basically Kaku was following the pair for the whole weekend like a lamppost / photographer. (And everyone said I took great pictures! Really? ^^||) A lot of cosers as well, but I bacially picked those from my fave works… Especially I borrowed the hat of  .hack//GU version of Kite, although cosplay is more about effect and less about comfort, but the hat is just so~ comfortable, too bad didn’t took a picture of it… (But he said the hat was too small and won’t fit after donning the wig) Also met a fursuiter named Fufu who were coming from Montreal


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