Another day of Nothing Done 又一个什么都没做的日子


So I woke up today and basically did nothing? How frustrating. At this speed, when can I get to buy the plane ticket for home?

Sonic Riders 世界大赛模式通关。啊啊到底什么时候给我解锁奈兹(NiGHTS)啊!……还是看攻略算了。

Sonic Riders World Grand Prix mode cleared. Aargh, when are you going to unlock NiGHTS for me? … maybe I should just consult the walkthrough…

去买菜的时候 #twokinds 被聊天机器人攻击了。晚上做频道统计的时候才发现。

#twokinds was attacked by spam bots when I was grocery shopping. Only found this out when I uploaded the channel statistics in the evening.


In summary: an annoying day.

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