The 囧furs (文不对题 / content not related to title)


前两天才发现日本放送会社的日语教程部分三个月前改版了。难看的网页和三百页丰富资料的免费配套书籍已成过去,现在的版本“实用日语100句”可以下载所有的录音 (以前只有前两个星期的录音)。考虑到NHK在北美并没有中文甚至是日文广播……短波收音机白买了。-w-




Recently life has been a bit strange, time always slips past me without noticing. Nothing wanted to do is done, not to mention registration, housing and others… got an ultimatum from mom yesterday, saying if I’m not seen in Shanghai in 15 days she’ll fly the whole family to Ottawa. I’m feeling pretty well in the last two days though, so maybe it’s something that can be done?

Was only till a day or two ago did I discover Japan Broadcasting Company(NHK)’s Japanese lessons section has been revamped. Gone are the ugly web and 300-paged, tidbit enriched book for gratis, the current version “100 useful Japanese phrases” lets you download all the recordings (it used to be only for the last two weeks). Considering NHK doesn’t have any Chinese or even Japanese broadcasting in North America… Guess it was a waste to buy that short wave radio… -w-

Received a gift illust from SkyRain. Kakur was drawn pretty cool, heh. But my fursona needs further design. Unlike a certain Ark, my avatar is not suitable for toppling. Forced topple attempt may lead to counter-topple(?).

The chat statistics pages have gone under a face lift too. Not bad!

PS:What do you get if you stack Kitten on Kit on Kibi on Kakur on Ktem?
又及: 叠在(叠在(叠在 Ktem 上的 Kakur) 上的 Kibi) 上的 Kit 头上叠上 Kitten,你会得到什么东西?

又又及: 结果完全忘记说我最近生活多囧了。大概和囧没法翻译有关 (类似于你不会去翻译 "lulz")。
PPS: Totally forgot to say how 囧 my life is recently. Maybe it has something to do with me unable to translate 囧 (like how you won’t translate "lulz").

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