Tidied up the Blog a little bit 稍微打扫了一下这个日志

Today I looked at the billing usage of this website. It costs about $20 to host this website for a year. (That’s quite affordable.)

从2004年12月在 MSN Spaces 上开设 Kir’s Corner到现在2014年,这篇是第201篇日志。虽说不多,但也不少。
Since the frist post on MSN Spaces in December 2004, to 2014 now, this is the 201st post. That’s not many, but still quite a lot!

另外,今天还安装了 WP Super Cache,一个Wordpress缓存插件。……事实上,加载速度并不慢,也并没有什么人读这个日志,为什么安装缓存呢?
Also installed WP Super Cache today. … why install a cache plugin, if the load speed isn’t slow, and nobody reads this?

The great thing about hosting a personal website on NearlyFreeSpeech.net is that you only pay for what the website uses. If there aren’t many visitors, you don’t have to may much.

But there are many bots that send spam emails, consuming resources. They can’t be blocked either, so it’s super annoying.

Screenshot from 2014-04-05 18:06:25-fs8

一年前开始NearlyFreeSpeech.net 开始实验按处理器使用时间收费。虽然目前处理器资源收费是免除的,但是从去年12月开始,网站正不断遭受机器人攻击。页面访问数从原来每月1000-5000次,增长到2月的102417次。而且大部分访问来自同一个国家,只访问同一个页面。
From a year ago NearlyFreeSpeech.net starts to experiment with billing according to processor usage. Even though currently the fee is waived, the site is currently being targeted by spam botnets. Page hits was between 1000-5000 normally, but in February 102471 pages were requested. Most visits were from a single (large) country, and only visiting the same page.

After installing WP Super Cache, static pages are served to people who are not logged in and haven’t posted a comment, without running PHP. Hopefully this will bring the resource use of the website down.
安装了WP Super Cache之后,当没有留言过的访客访问时,服务器会跳过 PHP 直接发送静态网页。希望这样资源使用率会降低。

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