⑨ Reports of Fur Affinity’s Demise has been greatly exaggerated 说FA“时日不长”为时尚早

I signed up for Weasyl and Inkbunny a month ago! Because of the IMVU thing, you know.

My weasyl account:

My inkbunny account:

I haven’t posted anything there yet, since I haven’t taken any furry-related photos to post recently. I might go and post some pictures of Pom, though.

And I’m not leaving FA. IMVU hasn’t done anything yet, so I don’t see any reason to leave. And, despite the deluge of journals last month, most accounts I follow on FA hasn’t migrated to Wzl or IB.

I’m currently watching about 350 accounts on FurAffinity (a bit too much, I think), and I’ve went through all of them trying to see how many have Weasyl or Inkbunny accounts. Of the 350 accounts I watch on FA, just 60 are on Weasyl, and only 19 are on Inkbunny.
我目前正在 FA 上关注350左右个账户 (我觉得有点多),于是一个一个地看了一下多少有 Weasyl 或 Inkbunny 账户。这350个账户中,只有60个在 Weasyl 上有账户,而 Inkbunny 上只有19人。

To find Weasyl and Inkbunny users in accounts I follow on FA, I searched (manually) through their user profile page and journal page. FA users can add their Inkbunny account to their contact information, but there is no such option for Weasyl, so some users link to their Weasyl account in their profile. Others announce their in Wzl/IB account in journals.
这件事比我想的要麻烦。FA用户可以把他们的 Inkbunny 账户添加到联系方式中,但是不能添加 Weasyl 账户。于是有些用户将他们的 Weasyl 账户放在个人简介中。其他人则在日志中公告他们的新账户。

Of course, this is just one person’s anecdote. Many of the 350 are inactive accounts, or multiple accounts held by the same person (for multiple characters, or separate business and personal accounts). It doesn’t count people who didn’t publish their Weasyl or Inkbunny accounts, people who deactivated their FA account, or people who never had a FA account to begin with. And Inkbunny allowing only people aged 18+ to register, means a lot of minors don’t have an account. Not to mention that Recaptcha does not load for Chinese users, so they can’t register… (Maybe I should sign up for Pixiv as well?)
当然这只是一个人的经历。350个帐号中,很多是不再活动的帐号,或者是一个人持有的多个帐号 (例如多个角色分别有一个帐号,或者商务个人分两个帐号)。其中没有不在FA公布Weasyl或Inkbunny帐号的人,禁用了FA帐号的人,以及从没有在FA上注册的人。Inkbunny只允许18岁以上用户也意味着许多未成年人不会有帐号。更不用说中国的用户打不开验证码注册不了…… (是不是该注册一个Pixiv帐号了?)

Still, I think it’s clear that FA is here to stay. And while the new UI beta is not Ferrox, I can appreciate giving FA a new coat of paint that works well with modern devices.
不管怎么说,我觉得要说 FA 时日不长,还是为时尚早。

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